How To Watch Masters Golf 2021 Live Stream Online

There is simply no sporting event in the world quite like the Masters. In terms of the championships in professional golf, The Master’s Tournament, which is also known as The Masters, or the U.S. Masters is one of the major of them. Here you will get the Masters golf 2021 live stream without any hassle.

It is the first golf major of the season and also the only golf championship that is held in the same ground every year which is Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta of Georgia, in the southern part of the United States. The next Master’s Golf will be held in April of 2021, as it is always held at the same time every year. The program will begin on Monday, April 5 and it will continue till the 11th of April 2021. It will be the 85th edition this time.


What is “The Master’s Tournament”?

This is a tournament like no other. The whole thing is brought by amateur champion Bobby Jones. He is the only golfer to win all forms of majors in a single calendar year back in 1930. But his legacy was the creation of the Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters, which the first tide of in 1934.

It has fame for its beauty especially in the time of April when the tournament generally begins. Because that time it becomes full of natural beauty surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees, and birds. The whole atmosphere provides a unique charm that makes it more attractive without any branding anywhere of its own.

This tournament has some tradition. One of them is Masters champions and are presented with an iconic green jacket which you can wear anywhere for a year. But after that, It must be returned and stored on the premises.

Every golf club has rules. But these are particularly more serious here. There is no running allowed in the ground. You can’t use a cellphone or any other electronic devices here. And you can’t let yourself lay down on the grass.

Here the dress code is very very important. Every year, the past champions all gather for a special dinner and the defending champion has to guest pick the menu. They often go with a native fair.

They don’t have fans or spectators in Augusta. We know them as the patrons. But there is sad news. Augusta National Golf Club said that there will be no patron allowed in the coming Masters Golf 2021.

Main events of The Master Tournament 2021

1.   Pre-tournament events

The occasion was built up as a major aspect of a push to help advance the game of golf among youth; the champs of neighborhood qualifiers in various age bunches advance to the public finals, which have been held at Augusta National on a Sunday quickly going before the Masters. The driving and chipping bits of the occasion are hung on the course’s training range, yet the putting segment has been played on the course’s eighteenth hole.

2.   Par-3 contest

The Par 3 Contest was first presented in 1960 and was won that year by Snead. From that point forward it has generally been played on a Wednesday before the competition begins. The par 3 courses were inherent in 1958. It is a nine-opening course, with a par of 27, and measures 1,060 yards (970 m) long.

3.   Player invitations

Similarly as with various majors, winning the Masters gives a golfer a few benefits that make his calling more secure. Experts champions are naturally free to play in the other three majors (the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship) for the accompanying five years and get a lifetime welcome to the Masters. They likewise get enrollment on the PGA Tour for the going with five seasons and solicitations to The Players Championship for a long time.

4.   Champions’ Dinner

Champs of The Masters are individuals from a selective club, so they get together every year on the Tuesday evening of competition week to invite the earlier year’s victor to the club. That club is authoritatively known as the Masters Club.

5.   Caddies

The Masters expects caddies to wear a uniform comprising of a white jumpsuit, a green Masters top, and white sneakers. The last name, and now and again first starting, of every player, is found on the rear of his caddie’s uniform. The protecting boss consistently gets caddie number “1”: different golf players get their caddie numbers from the request in which they register for the competition.

6. Other traditions

The day after the competition shuts, The Bobby Jones Scholars from The University of St Andrews in Scotland play a four-ball round on the course.

masters golf 2021 live stream online

How to apply for 2021 Masters tickets/ Master Lottery 2021

Getting a ticket is almost impossible. Because of their popularity and high demand, the tickets get booked overnight. If you’re lucky enough, you can get them in the first place. Here you’ll know the factors of getting a master ticket/ Master lottery 2021.

Besides, with the blessing of the internet, you can apply for tickets sitting at home. You don’t have to go to the office or anywhere. Even The result of the application will be given through the internet too. This is great. Especially in this time of the pandemic, people are most likely being at home as long as possible.

With the applying link and way, you should also know about the conditions. So let’s not do it late and know the core rules for applying

Masters golf rules you need to know

  • First, you need to go to the official site of masters. Click here and you’ll directly go to the site. You can apply there if the tickets are available. There you’ll find tickets for both practice rounds and daily tournaments.
  • Applying is not enough. You need luck to get selected. Because of the huge demand and several seats, there is a selection round process. First, the selection of daily tournaments. If you’re selected then you’ll be notified through mail.
  • Here is some proviso you should know before applying. You must be above 21 years of age.
  • Also, one person can apply once only with the same address. And it’s forbidden to use temporary addresses or second home addresses.
  • You can’t also apply on behalf of your friends or family or anyone. If you’re thinking of giving the ticket as a gift, it’s not allowed. If you and your friend want to enjoy the match together, you both need to apply and get selected.

The application for the 2021 masters game is open. But the tickets for the daily tournament have already been closed on June 21. Now you can only apply for the practice ones. As because of the coronavirus pandemic situation, the 2020 masters match has been postponed for November 12-15 of 2020. And the date for the 2021 masters tournament has been announced for April 5-11 in 2021.

How to Watch masters golf 2021 live stream

Not only on the field, but you can also watch master tournaments online. If you don’t live in the USA, you obviously won’t be able to watch the match live at the stadium. But you don’t have to miss the match either because of Master golf 2021 live stream services.

Masters golf 2021 live stream free

For the sake of people who don’t get the opportunity to come to the stadium, live streaming is the only way.

As a master’s lover, you should know about live streaming services. There are both online streaming and cable streaming. Though the online streaming services cost some bucks. If you want to go for the free ones, you should choose cable tv.

But for the USA people, will provide master’s golf 2021 live stream for free. You can watch the whole match and get all the updates for free here. Don’t forget to update your browser as they provide updates often.

There is also another option for enjoying the live streaming of masters sport. A nonprofit service called Locast gives the opportunity of 16 lucky cities of the USA to watch the matches for free.

If you want to know the listed cities, simply visit their website. Your city may be one of them and you don’t need to go to the other options.

TV Rights (Worldwide)

If you ask for the official broadcasting channel name that will directly stream the match live on your cable, then it’s CBS and ESPN.

But these are only for the people living in the USA. These both are the official broadcasters and premium. Living in the USA, if you still don’t get the reach of ESPN or CBS, call your cable operator.  Before starting the match, make sure you have these channels on your TV.

You can also purchase a digital antenna to make sure the channel on your TV. In this way, you can watch the match free on TV.

Being premium channels, they may not be available in every country. Though some channels show masters all over the world. If you live in the UK, then Sky Sports is the only option for you.

Paid Stream

But it’s not enough being available on cable. People these days barely watch tv or cable. They prefer everything online.

Most of us don’t get the time to enjoy the whole match sitting in the living room for hours. That’s why online streaming is essential for sports lovers. But for online streaming, you won’t get it free. You need to pay some bucks for every streaming service.

Here in this article, you’ll know about some paid streaming services. Continue reading to know more about the Master golf 2021 live stream.

Fubo TV

FuboTV is a great option for Masters golf 2021 live stream. This offers a package of having access to more than 100 channels. Here the CBS channel will also be included. This is available for all updated devices. The minimum rate for the full Tv package is $55 every month.

This one also offers a free trial for the customers. You can try them before purchasing them.


Hulu Tv can be a little less expensive than Fubo. It costs around $45 per month. But they don’t provide a wide range of packages. You will get only 40-70 tv channels here. Instead of that people love Hulu for a reasonable and good option for watching masters live.

Like the others, Hulu Tv also gives a seven days trial feature. Use and enjoy the function. If you don’t like then no need for purchase.


This one is quite expensive among all of the services on the list. This has a wide range of packages. This service offers almost seven different packages whereas the other ones fail to offer one standard.

AT & TV now also provides categories of packages that vary depending on the money. The package plan starts from $50 and the highest one is for $125.The service allows you to watch more than 125 live Tv without any hassle.

Play Station Vue

PlayStation Vue is the best option for the committed customers of Sony. This one doesn’t claim the PS console as a necessity for watching TV on PS VUE.

This one is enough for watching a live streaming masters match. The minimum rate of the package comes at $45 and the maximum one is for $80.

Besides, the most amazing thing this offers is, it offers a five years trial option for their subscribers without any kind of contract policy.

Youtube tv

Youtube Tv is the most user-friendly one. This is not at all complicated and is available for all kinds of devices. The cost is approximately $50 for every month. This is quite reasonable according to the quality service they provide.

Also, you can add six accounts to this service. Besides, a seven days free trial is available for the subscribers.

These are the top paid services for Masters golf 2021 live stream you can try. As I mentioned, each provides different packages at different costs. You can choose the one according to your need and budget.

Live Stream with Reddit

First, we need to know what Reddit is, Reddit is a popular app for the live streaming option for enjoying sports, vlogging, or music.

Here you’ll know all the tips to stream match online live. The steps are

  • Go here and you’ll get the download link of the Reddit app. Download from there.
  • Once you install the app go to r/pan
  • Now you need to wait for the broadcast session to start
  • Click on the broadcast video
  • You’ll see an option “start broadcast”

If you think about the registration process of Reddit, the registration is free. But for a monthly or yearly subscription, you need to upgrade your account to gold.

Game 2021 Tickets

The applying process for the 2021 masters tournament is going to start on June 1. The last date for applying is 21st June. Once the selection round or lottery round is complete, you’ll get the confirmation by mail.

When/ where will it be held?

World Masters Games 2021 is going to be held in Kansai in Japan. The match is going to start on 14th may and will finish on the 30th of May.

Live Stream Using a VPN

VPN or Virtual private network has always been a lifesaver for people using the internet. Not every content is available in every country. But with the VPN you can easily change your IP address location. By doing this, you can get access to any country’s contents.

As if you’re not someone who lives in the USA, Masters won’t be broadcasted to your cable or your site. So, what you can do is just simply find a good VPM for you. Install them on your device and get access to watch the world’s most popular golf match.

Now here choosing of good VPN can be a question. You can get hundreds of VPN offers you thousands of offers. Some of them are for free and some are absolutely free. But if they deliver the same services as they offer or not.

You don’t have to worry. Here I’m going to mention some good and well-reviewed VPN for watching the Masters golf 2021 live stream without any hassle. But you might need to purchase a VPN for better quality performance.

For outside of the USA users

If you live outside the USA, you will need a VPN. here I’ll talk about the most popular and recommended VPNs-

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • CyberGhost
  • VyprVPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • IPVanish

You can simply click on these VPNs and this will directly take you to the VPN. Each has different functions.l At first you need to install them.

If you install ExpressVPN, then it’ll be a good choice as this one is one of the superfast VPNs.It guarantees 30 days of money back offer for better service. It claims to unblock all major streaming services in any location.

NordVPN is the best budget option with great speed. It ensures the security and privacy of your data.

Surfshark is known as an all-rounder. It claims to unblock streaming platforms with ease.

CyberGhost has a record of good streaming speeds. It can serve you without any buffering.

VyperVPN provides strong security as well as good speed.

PrivateVPN provides good service. And this one is a new entrant to the VPN.

IPVanish is popular among torrents and Kodi users. It ensures a good connection and privacy at the same time.

The Master’s Tournament Live Online on Social Media

Honestly few people these days depend on cable TV. Everyone has become a social media freak. YouTUbe, Facebook, Twitter are something people use on a daily basis.

Either it’s an online class or watching a movie or for research purposes, people get comfortable finding these on social media. Solve the streaming of sports has also become a necessity.

The Master’s tournament is no less. As a popular and famous tournament, this has won the crown of the top demanding games to watch. So the Master golf 2021 live stream is also available on social media.

Here we’ll talk about masters tournament streaming their matches live on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Hope this will help you to watch the game further. Keep reading.

YouTube Tv

Many of you might not know about this most amazing and user-friendly streamer. You can use it on any kind of device. Not only this but also you can add ma=ximum six accounts to it.

Besides, it offers you an unlimited DVR option. And you can use this for nine unlimited months.

One the other hand, YouTube TV offers seven days free trial option. You can try this before purchasing the membership. The membership cost of YouTube is only 50$ per month.

But the bucks you’ll spend can be used for enjoying other premium features too. You can also add other accounts. These can be your friends. So spending 50$ won’t be a loss for the golf lovers.


Nowadays there will be hardly any person who doesn’t know about Facebook. Facebook has become the top need list of any person. Either it’s for work or study or entertainment, everyone has become dependent on Facebook at some point.

You can watch Masters golf 2021 live stream on Facebook. Here you’ll get the option of Facebook to watch the Masters tournament which has the games live. This is a great option for sports lovers.


Like Facebook, Twitter is one of the most well known social media. Even this is the most popular and rated one among all social media. From the presidents of any country to school students, everyone has a Twitter account.

This is extremely a golden chance for sports lovers. Twitter has also an official page of a Masters tournament. You can go to Twitter, open an account and you can watch the sport live there.


If you’re active on social media you must have listened about Reddit. If not then this one is a popular American content communication platform. Here you can submit content as well as enjoy. Besides, there is an option of appreciation for work.

Well, for watching the masters tournament simply log in to the Reddit website and watch the match live there. If you want to watch the match live you need to register there. Registration has no fee and free. Besides, there is an option of upgrading if you want to. For upgrading or getting a yearly subscription by spending some bucks.

There is a reason for the lottery technique. As an example, in 2020, almost 250,000 people were attending the master’s tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

The Master’s tournament has gained a lot of popularity. Any golf lover wouldn’t want to miss a tournament like this.

If you can’t go and watch it live, you can go for the live streaming options. Either it’s on television or with a VPN you don’t have to miss the live matches anymore. You might need to spend spoke bucks. But the excitement is worth it.

The 2020 masters tournament has been postponed. There has come an announcement of November 12 and it will last on November 15. As the application time has ended, you can always try for the next one. As in this article, I’ve mentioned the upcoming 2021 masters golf tournament.

I hope this article helped you to know everything about the Masters 2021 tournament. Pass this article to your golf lover friends and family. Thank you for reading.


The Masters tournament has gained a lot of popularity. Any golf lover wouldn’t want to miss a tournament like this. If you can’t go and watch it live, you can go for the live streaming options. Either it’s on television or with a VPN you don’t have to miss the live matches anymore. You might need to spend spoke bucks. But the excitement is worth it.

The 2020 masters tournament has been postponed. There has come an announcement of November 12 and it will last on November 15. As the application time has ended, you can always try for the next one. As in this article, I’ve mentioned the upcoming 2021 masters golf tournament.

I hope this article helped you to know everything about the Masters golf 2021 live stream . Pass this article to your golf lover friends and family. Thank you for reading